Gynecology Care

Gynecology Care

A woman goes through hundreds of changes in her body in a lifetime. From attaining puberty, through her transition into pregnancy and motherhood, and then during menopause, there are myriad transformations within her. This is why having specialists to deal with the female physiology with an expert hand is vital to her health.
Gynaecologists at Dr. Ayesha Hospitals is an excellent team of medical experts who know exactly what a girl or woman goes through and treats them with gentleness and precision. Gynaecology care is at its best here and the skilled doctors diagnose and treat the entire gamut of women’s heath issues.

Though the name itself is frightening, you need not fear them. This is because fibroids are usually non-cancerous tumours or growths in the uterus which mostly occur during a woman’s child-bearing years. According to medical experts, at least 80 percent of Indian women have fibroids in their lifetime. While it is common to have these benign fleshy formations in the womb, they often do not show up any symptoms. Though the reasons for fibroids are not known, a family history and hormonal changes in the body may cause them to grow.
Many a time, fibroids occur during pregnancy because of the increase in the production of hormones during this phase. However, they pose no risk whatsoever, to either mother or the baby in the womb.
An ultrasound scan will show up the fibroids and their tinier growths that are called seedlings.

While fibroids are known to be harmless, they can sometimes cause immense pain and discomfort. This is when gynaecologists recommend surgery or myomectomy. Through the removal of the fibroids through surgery, the uterus is left intact.
For those who are trying to get pregnant and have been unsuccessful because of the fibroids, surgical removal of the fibroids are the only way out. What is fascinating about this aspect is that almost always, women get pregnant after myomectomy. In other words, myomectomy is the preferred treatment for women opting for motherhood.
Skilled gynaecologists at Dr. Ayesha Hospitals is adept at the laparoscopic treatment of fibroids where these benign yet discomfort causing tumours are removed through an incision in the lower abdominal regions. This way it is not only scarless but also, there is no major loss of blood.

The uterus or womb is where a baby develops. However, there could be a phase in a woman’s life when she could go through a lot of pain and blood loss when she is having her monthly period. This is largely caused by fibroids in the uterine lining. While myomectomy is the solution for fibroid removal, the uterus could also experience other abnormal changes that could require the removal of the uterus itself. This is called hysterectomy.
There could be several reasons besides fibroids why gynaecologists advise hysterectomy. These could be because of endometriosis or abnormal growth of the uterine lining growing outside the uterus, adenomyosis or thickening of the uterus, abnormal vaginal bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, or cancers of the uterus, ovaries or cervix.
Sometimes, along with the uterus, the ovaries and fallopian tubes are also removed.

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
With advanced medical technology, and prowess of the gynaecology team at Dr. Ayesha Hospitals, it is possible to perform minimally invasive procedures for hysterectomy.
Laparoscopic hysterectomy involves the use of a laparoscope or a tube with a camera at the end of it, which allows the surgeons to view the uterus from within the body. Through tiny incisions mostly around the navel, the uterus is pulled out without any fuss or bother. This method is preferred by most doctors and patients because it is a simpler day care procedure with no hospitalization, no scars or blood loss.

After motherhood, when a woman feels she does not want any more children, she often opts for tubectomy, which is a permanent contraception. Tubectomy involves the tying up of the fallopian tubes to prevent conception naturally. This is often performed by gynaecologists soon after the woman has delivered her baby and does not want to increase her family.

Ovarian Cysts / PCOS / PCOD
The fluid-filled small sacs in the ovaries are called cysts. While cysts themselves do not cause harm, they could give rise to a host of symptoms such as irregular periods, abnormal bowel movements, lower abdominal pain or bloating. Cysts usually go away on their own.

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or Disease (PCOS/PCOD): Sometimes cysts can multiply growth on the ovaries causing upheaval in a woman’s hormonal balance. While the symptoms appear during puberty, they can exacerbate during the teens or early adulthood. The symptoms include hirsutism or growth of excess hair on the body, obesity, acne, and irregular menstrual cycle. The causes for this condition could be a combination of underlying genetic conditions and environmental factors. Though there is no cure for PCOS, it can be treated to lessen discomfort.

Laproscopic Cystectomy
The surgical removal of cysts in the ovaries is usually done with great precision by the highly skilled gynaecologists at Dr. Ayesha Hospitals. The laparoscopic cystectomy is a shorter procedure preferred by patients who opt for it due to shorter or no hospitalization. Cystectomy is usually prescribed when the ovarian cysts turn cancerous, become more solid, or become larger in size causing extreme discomfort.

The abnormal growth of the tissues outside the uterus is called endometriosis. Sometimes these tissues can grow on the ovaries, fallopian tubes and even the intestines. This condition can be a cause of infertility as well as give rise to painful and heavy menstrual flow. At Dr. Ayesha Hospitals, the experienced gynaecologists have the acumen to treat endometriosis with the right approach.

Laproscopic Surgery
Minimal invasive procedures have revolutionised the medical field, especially in the comprehensive gynaecology branch of medicine. Conducting surgeries with the help of a camera at the end of the tube that is sent into the body through a tiny incision, and a television monitor, is the norm of the day and at Dr. Ayesha Hospitals is, the gynaecologists perform the most intricate surgeries with great skill and expertise.

Aches and pains are common in the ageing process. As women age, besides the changes in the reproductive organs, the joints and muscles too undergo pain and immobility issues, requiring advanced physical therapy. Diathermy is a process where high frequency electric current is introduced to stimulate heat in the tissues.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse
The pelvic region, where the reproductive organs are located, is where most of a woman’s physical conditions manifest. Over the years, with multiple childbirths during her reproductive phase, a woman’s organs go through a host of transformations. Sometimes, this can cause the pelvic muscles to weaken leading to the prolapse or falling of the organs in the pelvic region. These organs include the bladder, uterus, small bowel and rectum. This prolapse can cause either or all of these organs to fall from their usual locations and press against the vagina.

Pelvic Floor Repair
When pelvic organ prolapse occurs, our gynaecologists recommend ways to strengthen the pelvic floor. Damage to the pelvic organs is caused due to childbirth, though it is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s lifecycle. Through various surgical procedures, the pelvic floor can be restored to its normal functions.

Vaginal Hysterectomy
A few years ago, hysterectomy required making a huge incision across the abdomen through which a damaged uterus was surgically removed. With the advances made in medical technology, it is now possible to remove the uterus through the vagina.

Breast Health
From puberty, a woman’s breasts go through umpteen metamorphoses. It is during pregnancy that most of these changes occur preparing them for lactation. It is after this stage towards menopause that doctors recommend screening and self examinations to look for abnormal growths.

Breast Cancer
Though greatly feared, not all women need be scared by cancer, unless you are under the high-risk category. Breast cancer symptoms when detected early can be treated appropriately and cured.
Gynaecologists at Dr. Ayesha Hospitals is adept at preventing, diagnosing and treating breast cancer cases.
While a family history of the disease is the first cause that springs to the mind, doctors attribute the rise in breast cancer cases to a defective lifestyle riddled with inactivity, bad diet and exposure to toxins in the environment.

The aim is to preserve the organ and avoid a mastectomy at all costs.

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